The panel blinds are stylish, modern, esthetically nice, practical, strong and durable decorative element meant to decorate and protect windows. Usually they are used to get up the premises with big windows or to decorate the window-cases and niches of different purpose. Perfix recommends panel blinds for such people, who want to create something new and extraordinary in their home. This product is universal as it may divide the room into several zones. This method is original and functional at the same time. It divides the space into zones without incurring big costs. You may use the panel blind to divide the children room into the zones of playing, sleeping and working. They move by separate rails, and one system may have five of them. It is practical to use these textile plates in the unreachable places and in places with more than one window. They are made from fabrics distinguished by their high quality and durability. The advantage of panel blinds is that dust does not accumulate on them. They may be cleaned manually and electronically; in the latter case the curtains move quietly, without noise of the motor